Why Rainblok Fabric is the Best Choice for Your Arborist Jacket

February 09, 2023

Whether you’re working in the great outdoors as an arborist or another profession, staying dry is vital – particularly if you have to work in all weathers. Protecting yourself against the elements is more than possible if you have the right gear. But not all ‘waterproof’ jackets or smocks are created equal. In this guide, we’re looking at how Rainblok might just be the best choice for an arborist jacket.

What is Rainblok fabric?

Rainblok is a technically engineered fabric that’s certified to the highest industry standards for extreme resistance to the elements. It’s designed to keep those working in rain, snow, fog and ground humidity dry, warm and comfortable.

  • Class 4 waterproof & breathable

For the standard EN 343:2019, the garment and seams are tested for water penetration (waterproofness) and water vapour resistance (breathability). The ratings fall between Classes 1 and 4, with Class 4 being the highest level. Rainblok fabric is Class 4 in both waterproofness and breathability, making the Harkie smock or jacket outstanding in it’s ability to keep the rain out whilst remaining highly breathable.

  • Hardwearing & lightweight

Not only does Rainblok meet the highest standards in waterproofness and breathability, its also highly durable and lightweight. In fact, this technical fabric offers market-leading durability. This makes the jacket and smock an excellent choice when it comes to working in the demanding outdoor environment. It won’t weigh you down, it won’t tear easily and will give a long service life.

  • Very comfortable fit

The material delivers ultimate comfort, even when working in adverse weather conditions.

Shop arborist smocks online at Harkie today. Built with Rainblok fabric, you’ll be protected from the unpredictable British weather. Be prepared and work in comfort. Through our relentless drive to bring products to the market that will outlast and outperform, Harkie has become the brand of choice for professional tree surgeons and foresters.