Arborist Karabiners

Harkie karabiners are known for their superb quality and durability. Now available in a choice of colours.

Our Range of Arborist Karabiners

Colourful, strong and long-lasting karabiners built specifically for arborists. Available in a range of colours and either oval or HMS shapes, our three-way locking arborist karabiners are EN12275 and EN362-compliant. Easy to use and compatible with all of your favourite devices, they will provide a long and reliable service life. View the full range of arborist karabiners below and get yours today.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our arborist karabiners are made from aluminium alloy, which is the perfect material for three key reasons: it’s strong, lightweight, and much more corrosion resistant than most other metals (like steel).

This really comes down to personal preference and what use you intend to put it to. Both designs have their pros and cons; for example, HMS karabiners offer more space for different equipment, whereas oval karabiners work very well with devices that have a small eye, as the consistent curve of the oval allows the arborist karabiner to flow through easier.

Yes, these two terms can be used interchangeably to describe the same design.

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